Writer and Runner Liz Neporent’s Best Running in the Heat and Minimalist Shoe Tips

We were so happy to have on our good friend Liz Neporent she is a true leader in the fitness industry. Not only has she written all those fitness books that are on your shelf like:   Fitness for Dummies, Abs of Steel, The Ultimate Body, Weight Training For Dummies and The Fat Free Truth she hangs out with the smart folks at the Harvard Medical School. She also writes for Shape.com and  ABC online.

You may not know that Liz is an avid runner who has completed more than 20 marathons and ultra-marathons. And that’s why she joined us to share some of her best tips for running in the heat and her thoughts on those minimalist running shoes.  For more great tips like these follow her on Twitter at @lizzyfit

Running in the Heat Tips

  1. Go early or late
  2. Stay hydrated – drink whenever you are thirsty
  3. Wear breathable fabric – but this is really important if you are going out for longer than and 1-2 hours
  4. Lube up to prevent chafing
  5. Find the right shoes for you

Minimalist Shoe Tips like the Vibram Five Fingers

  1. Not for everyone’s feet
  2. Not for every kind of workout
  3. Not for people with certain knee or foot injuries
  4. Get slowly acclimated with to the shoe
  5. Do extra foot exercises before running with these shoes

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