Radio Show Recap: Father’s Day Review. MizFit Shares Her 100 Calorie Workout 6 Pack. JJ Virgin Fitness Tips Plus Freaky Eater Stories

Led off with a recap of our Father’s Day.The Fat Guy had an eatfest including his favorite tootsie roll midgies, breakfast and linner (lunch and dinner in the late afternoon) at his favorite Cuban restaurant. Dr Fitness had a more fitness oriented day that involved a run followed by another run. The Fat Guy went to see the Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and guess who was at the movie theater filming a scene from his upcoming movie The Change -up? That’s right Ryan Reynolds – how weird is that? FYI Green Lantern gets a belly down and Super 8 gets a big belly up – if you’re scoring at home.

Then our good friend Miz Fit aka Carla Birnberg joined us with some workout tips from her new My Trainer Fitness 6 Packs featuring quick and easy 100 calorie workouts. We laughed a lot and she took us behind the scenes of her new Fila modelling session.

Then JJ Virgin came on to talk about Freaky Eater stories from her TV show on TLC. Who doesn’t love stories about people who have to eat tartar sauce or corn starch all day long?  JJ also wrote the book Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy – she generously shared some her best fitness tips to get those ripped arms.

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