Radio Show Recap: Another Twitter Contest. And Are You Taking the Supreme 90 Day Exercise DVD Workout System Challenge?

Dr Fitness opened the show with horrific stories about the landscape of Alabama after the recent tornado. We also talked about our upcoming trip to keynote the FitBloggin fitness blogger conference on May 19-21.

Then we interviewed John Dull and Michelle Collier the brains behind the Supreme 90 Day exercise video system. Their Workout system is more intense and less expensive than the P90X exercise dvd package. We’re talking just $20 for the complete set of dvds and nutrition plan – so check it out on their website or buy it in stores everywhere.If you want to get into bikini body shape then give this a try. Twenty Bucks – how can you go wrong?

We also did another round of our Twitter Contest so be sure to listen here then enter on our Facebook page

Here are the tweets…

A- German woman fought off a deer that attacked her while running by putting it in a headlock
B- Here’s Irony: I just ran a 5K and my medal has a Taco Bell logo on the back
C- Helloooooooo!!! You can still get’em in!!! 200 Crunches before you go to bed! Sexy Summer Abs!
The Tweeters were:
Now match the tweeter to their tweet and you can win a bunch of dvds. Go to our Facebook page to enter.

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