Radio Show Recap: NY Trip Recap. Jennifer Nicole Lee is Our First Frenemy. New Who Tweeted What Contest. Plus Jill Miller Gives Us A Yoga Tuneup

We chatted a bit about our recent trip to New York and how the Fat Guy walked 12 miles going from midtown to the financial district.

We wondered why Jennifer Nicole Lee totally snubbed us she has been a guest on the show numerous times but when we were all at the same event she blew us off – does that mean she has become a frenemy?  Please find her on Twitter and ask her why she dissed us in NY.

Then most importantly we talked to Jill Miller about her Yoga TuneUp dvds, balls and web videos that help you lead a calm and pain free life. YOGA TUNE UP, created by Jill Miller, is a unique fitness format that blends yoga, calisthenics, self massage and corrective exercise in an intelligent, modern and accessible exercise program that helps strengthen and heal the body.

JILL MILLER is “the expert’s expert” in fitness and yoga therapy. Her intimate knowledge and mastery of multiple moving and healing arts include Yoga, Pilates, Bodywork, Modern Dance and more.

We also played our Who Tweeted What contest – so be sure to listen to that becuase you might win something. Here are the tweets…

Whenever I have a stressful day, I go do a real high intensity run til I can’t almost breathe to burn off steam. Works every time!

Can u really get electrocuted using an I phone in the bathtub?!??! Tell me u are kidding!!… TELL ME!!!

Oh dear. My children have stripped off their clothes and are screaming “naked day!!” They want me to join. Should I? This is pure comedy…
Here are the Tweeters… @kirstiealley @bookieboo @skinnyjeans
Match the Tweeters to the Tweets on our Facebook page and you just might win some cool exercise dvds.

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