5 Ways To Cut Calories From Your Next Slice of Pizza

Pizza is one of the main food groups we eat. There is no way we would ever want to live in a world that didn’t have pizza in it. But when you are trying to lose weight or get in shape pizza may not help you achieve your goals. So what to do? Never eat pizza again or find a way to make it work. We pick number 2. Here are 5 ways to cut the calories from your next slice of pizza.

  1. Go thin crust – sorry deep dish fans – but thin crust has less calories.
  2. Try whole wheat – this might be blasphemy – but give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised
  3. Substitute veggies for meat – more veggies less meat saves a ton of calories and is healthier
  4. Slice it up – have your pizza joint cut your pizza into 16 slices instead of 8. The 2 slices you usually eat is now really only one slice.
  5. Dab the cheese – take a napkin and dab off the extra oil before you take a bite – this saves a handful of calories as well

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