Prom Fitness Founder Karen Jashinsky’s Tips to Get Ready for Prom

Getting ready for prom is one of those important milestones for girls around the country. On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy had on Karen Jashinsky, who told us all about her unique  Prom Fitness program that she hopes becomes a catalyst for a lifetime of fitness.

Many girls look to pop culture and the media to get their answers and information as they prepare for their prom. A recent study showed that girls spend at least 2 hours a day on Facebook are more likely to have an eating disorder. Karen tries to help girls eat and exercise properly and understand that different body types can expect different results. She also wants tween girls to have the self confidence to deal with the body image challenges at come their way and not be as self-conscious about their bodies.

She has found that girls like more private online coaches and that a lot of them are intimidated by group classes. Boys on the other hand like to be hands on – using equipment.

Her program is lifestylew based with no crash diets or detox programs. She wants her members to learn their body type, what dress will look best on them learn proper nutrition and exercise techiques and get discounts, try sample classes and interact online.

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