NuStep’s Ginny Kappler Takes Over Our Show At The Healthy Living Expo in Knoxville

As everyone knows Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy were invited to the Healthy Living Expo in Knoxville, TN this past weekend. It was awesome. We got to hang out with some of our fans, some past guests and some of the vendors at the show.

On the night before the show began we connected with Dan Brady, who you might remember we interviewed awhile back about the NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer that is featured on the Biggest Loser TV show. Dr Fitness, Dan, his colleague Ginny Kappler, our Producer Stone Payton and I decided to walk over to a dive Mexican restaurant called SoccerTaco for some margaritas, I mean dinner.

We have an awesome time…a lot of embarrassing stories and a lot of laughs. I mean we talked only about business stuff.

So on the first day of the show we interview Dan and Ginny and they do a great job telling us all about the NuStep. How it started in the rehab world and is now making its way direct to consumers. Listen for yourself here.

I don’t remember exactly how this happened but someone had the bright idea to do another interview but this time bring the NuStep machine to our booth and have Dr Fitness work out on the NuStep while we do the interview. You know Dr Fitness cannot pass up a chance to workout. It has been his dream since we started doing the show to workout while we do our show – and as the video attests his dream has come true.

So as you can see we had Dr Fitness sweating up a storm while we interviewed Ginny and Wes Franks from Provision Physical Therapy. Wes was familiar with the NuStep as he had used it before.

Listen To That Conversation Here.

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