Lisa Lillien Dishes About Her New Hungry Girl TV Show on the Cooking Channel

I did some research the other day and discovered that Lisa Lillien made her first Hungry Girl appearance on our show at the end of 2005. At that time all she was promoting was her super popular daily newsletter – that offered food swaps, calorie counts of favorite foods and stuff like that. Since then Lisa has added over 1 million readers to her daily newsletter, has written a bunch of NY Times best selling cookbooks and has now launched her own Hungry Girl TV show on the new Cooking Channel.

Lisa took us behind the scenes of her world a little bit and talked about what it takes for her to put that show on. She had to learn how to cut, cook and tell stories while looking at the camera. She produced 13 episodes in about 5 weeks. Upcoming episodes feature: chocolate, surprises and swaps, filling foods and more. You can check out that show every Saturday at 4pm or throughout the week – because they replay the show all the time.

Lisa also gave us some tips, shared her favorite music, her favorite kitchen appliance and her go to knife for chopping things up on her show. She loves pop music like Katy Perry and 80s pop has a special place in her heart. She wore the BodyBugg religiously for awhile. Her go to appliance in the kitchen is the Magic Bullet Platinum Pro and she uses Global Knives on her show. She is finishing up her new book 300 Recipes Under 300 Calories which will be out soon.

To learn more about what is happening in the wonderful world of the Hungry Girl please go to her website

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