Rick Osbourne Wants You To Do A Pull Up. Dustin Maher Wants to Help Moms Get In Shape. Keith Scott Shares the Healing Power of Spices

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On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy opened with Rick Osbourne, a former Physical Educator who wants to help kids immunize themselves from obesity by coaching them how to do a pull up. He says that if you can do just 1 pull up then you will not be obese. to learn more please go to www.pullyourownweight.net

Next fitness professional Dustin Maher came on to talk about his quest to get 1,000,000 moms in the best shape of their lives. To learn more please go to www.dustinmaherfitness.com

We closed the show with Dr Keith Scott, ER doctor and author of the book Medicinal Seasonings. The Healing Power of Spices. If you want to learn about the importance of spices in your own health please go to his website www.spicemd.com

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