Steve Bordley from Trek Desk Shares His Best Fitness and Weight Loss Tips

On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy opened with Steve Bordley from Trek Desk. The Trek Desk is a cool table-like device that fits over any treadmill and it allows you to walk slowly (like at 1 mph) so you can burn calories (and lose weight) while you are working. You can set up your whole work station on top of the Trek Desk. You walk at such a slow pace that you don’t even realize you are exercising. And you can do everything you normally do at work – type on the computer,surf the internet,  talk on the phone, think, have meetings – all while standing and walking on your treadmill. You get all the benefits of exercise without even realizing you are working out. Trek Desk was recently named one of the best office luxury items from Forbes Magazine. Trek Desk is an easy way to get your 10,000 steps a day you need to lose weight and get in shape – you can literally do it in 3 hours without breaking a sweat. The fitness, weight loss and health benefits of adding this much walking to your day are amazing. To learn how you can start using that old treadmill in the basement again check out

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