Healthy Skeptic Robert Davis Explains How Too Much Sitting Around Can Kill You

On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy had on our good friend Robert Davis, the author of  The Healthy Skeptic from Everwell. Robert talked about a new study that illustrates the dangers of sitting too much. Robert is an award winning health journalist who specializes in debunking the myths behind the health claims that make it in print and on TV. Today Robert discussed the results of several studies that show that sitting too long has a detrimental effect on your overall health. The most recent study showed that people who sat for over 6 hours a day had a higher premature death rate than those who moved around more. This was true even if they exercised. So don’t sit for long. Find opportunities to get up throughout your day. Try those treadmill desks at work like TrekDesk. And make it a point to stand up and pace during phone calls. And when you are at home watching TV try and exercise during commercial breaks. To learn more about Robert and his firm please go to – you’ll find lots of great free info and don’t forget to sign up for his informative newsletter as well.

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