Check Out New Montenegro Method Exercise DVD Series From SobeFit Magazine’s Marta Montenegro

On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy had on our good friend Editor in Chief of SobeFit Magazine Marta Montenegro. Marta talked about her brand new Montenegro Method (MM) exercise dvd series MM21 Strength – to get toned, MM21 Endurance – to burn fat and MM10 Power – to accelerate your metabolism. This collection of workout dvds feature six 21 minute high intensity progressive circuit training routines and four 10 minute express workouts. Workout to these dvds and you will get in shape South Beach style. The Montenegro Method has been shown to get people in shape fast and furiously. Marta has created these workouts to fuse fitness, sports and science in order to redefine the body. This training system combines plyometrics and resistance training with a super high intensity routine that are based on the principles of overload and progression. These workouts will accelerate your metabolism so you can burn calories long after you’re done working out. And these fitness workout dvds  are available in Spanish and English. Check out all the MM dvds at and check out the best fitness magazine at

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